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Charity Drive

Our Priorities

We believe in long-term sustainability, not just for individuals but also for the communities and environments they call home. Through our programs, we equip our beneficiaries with the skills and resources needed to thrive independently, ensuring that the positive impact we initiate endures for generations.

Areas of action
find out about the main issues we work on:

  1. Education and Skill Development:

    • Offer educational programs for children and young people to improve academic performance.

    • Provide vocational training and skills development for adults and youth to enhance employability.

    • Host workshops and seminars on topics like financial literacy and career development for fathers and families.

  2. Mental Health and Well-being:

    • Provide mental health support services, counselling, and therapy for individuals and families.

    • Organise community events and support groups to address mental health stigma and promote well-being

  3. Family Support and Strengthening:

    • Offer parenting classes and family counselling to strengthen relationships within families

    • Provide resources and support for fathers, recognizing their important role in families.

  4. Community Engagement:

    •  Organise community events, festivals, and activities that foster a sense of belonging and unity.

    •  Promote community volunteerism and engagement to build a stronger social fabric.

  5. Environmental Awareness and Action:

    • Educate the community about environmental issues and climate change.

    • Organise local environmental clean-up efforts and sustainability initiatives.

  6. Advocacy and Policy Change:

    • Advocate for policies that benefit disadvantaged communities, particularly in areas like education, healthcare, and social services.

    • Engage with local and regional policymakers to address community needs.

  7. Economic Empowerment:

    • Develop microfinance or small business support programs for community members to start or expand businesses.

    • Provide financial literacy training to help individuals manage their finances effectively.

  8.  Health and Healthcare Access:

    •  Offer healthcare screenings and access to affordable healthcare services.

    •  Promote healthy living through nutrition and fitness programs.

  9. Youth Development:

    • Create youth mentorship programs to provide guidance and support for young people.

    • Establish safe spaces for youth to engage in positive activities and leadership development.

  10. Community Resilience and Disaster Preparedness:

    • Train community members in disaster preparedness and response.

    •  Provide emergency relief programs to assist communities in times of crisis

  11. Research and Data Collection:

    •     Conduct ongoing research to understand the evolving needs of your target communities.

    •     Use data to inform program development and measure the impact of your initiatives.

  12. Awareness Campaigns and Outreach:

    •   Launch campaigns to raise awareness about the challenges faced by disadvantaged communities.

    •   Use various media and communication channels to engage a wider audience and garner support.

Together, we will:

  1. Work in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Human Rights. We will work to ensure non-discrimination, devotion to the best interests of the people, the right to life, survival and development of the child through our entire programme of work

  2. Work to ensure non-discrimination, devotion to the best interests of the communities and the development of children, young people and adults  through our programmes

  3. Provide community-based support, services, programmes, courses, and events to improve and transform lives of people within disadvantaged communities;

  4. Provide social activities and initiatives that help to bring people together, strengthen communities, build up resilience, foster positive connections, embrace inclusivity, reduce isolation, share skills and experiences;

  5. Provide leisure and social activities to empower children and young people to fulfil their potential as well as positively contribute within their communities;

  6. Provide mentorship to support young people or organisations to maximise their potential, develop their skills, and become members of the communities with value;

  7. Provide talent outreach support for children and young people to help improve their wellbeing, career aspirations and goals;

  8. Develop communities to improve the sustainability and independence of community environments and family life;

  9. Provide a male-focused programmes with tailored support, services, that will help for men/fathers to achieve personal, educational or career outcomes;

  10. Provide young/teenage fathers support to empower them to be actively involved in their child/children's lives despite the challenges to ensure continuity in the family fundamentals;

  11. Provide peer support, advocacy, improving wellbeing, mentorship, developing employability workshops and parenting support;

  12. Provide workshops, conferences, seminars, and activities that will empower people to look after their mental wellbeing, build resilience, and increase self-esteem;

  13. Provide a talk show that will cultivate mindfulness and compassion that will shift society from a stereotypical culture;

  14. Provide drop-in cafés within the community to that will help form safe spaces with communities and inspire strategies that will help tackle climate change;



Within the year of being found

  • Awarded the Nottingham Heroes for Best Wellbeing Initiative and Best Green Initiative in 2023 

  • Reached over 5000 people within the disadvantaged communities of Nottingham through our support and services

  • Welcomed over 1,200 people from our diverse communities through our leisure and social activities

  • Launched  our Dads Programme for all fathers within the diverse communities

  • ​Reached 921 dads during our dad's programme outreach activities

  • Supported 377 dads through our dad's weekly sessions

  • Codesigned with partners to create an information pack for new dads

  • Recreated an outdoor community-led garden that used to be a dumping yard into the dad's wellbeing garden

  • Launched the first community-based support group for men in Supported 700 people through our random acts of kindness initiative

  • Delivered 419 food hampers across the diverse communities of Nottingham 

  • Hosted young people at the Nottingham Carnival

  • Launched a Men Do Talk Podcast

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way of life. We managed to adapt and provide our support services regardless of the adversity.  During this period, we had to build resilience within the communities and learn how to talk and support on another. We launched our bi-weekly inspirational talk show on Deeplomatikk radio where people can share their positive and inspirational stories to improve mental wellbeing and help encourage one another. This has had a positive impact across the communities.

We have so far delivered over 150 shows with experts by experience. We have now built a bespoke show for dads/men help improve their wellbeing seeing in national statistics of suicide in men higher than women. Our platform enables inclusion and conversations that inspire systematic changes that can help everyone to fulfil their potential.



We believe that forming is a key part of integrating people of all ages into the community. Our projects provide community-led activities that support people to form in a safe space, embrace inclusivity and reconnect especially after COVID19. We are also now providing support to help with the cost-of-living crisis especially in the marginalised communities. This is enabling us to go further and build stronger relationships with in and across wider communities. We continuously maintain and form relationships with families across Nottingham as community engagement is at the heart of what we do. 

We are pushing the greener and cleaner initiative as part of our building sustainable communities. We have recently created The Dad's Garden which a community-led green space, developed by our team of dads for the people and communities. Our aim is to encourage people to look after the environment they live in, healthy lifestyle and improving their wellbeing. The garden is an open green space that is peaceful, safe, and calming.  We also aim to provide healing through nature and gardening as well as healthy lifestyle activities whilst rebuilding strong community connections. The dads are also creating a remembrance bench for all the men that lost their fight in battling mental health illness.  To dad we have had 10 sessions in the community where diverse people within the community came to do some gardening and socialise with others. Come down to one of our weekly sessions to get involved in a variety of different activities; from gardening, healthy eating and healthy living workshops, there is something for everybody at the garden to enjoy and participate in.


We have hosted one of the biggest Diverse Big Jubilee Lunch to celebrate the Queens Platinum jubilee, promote community cohesion, diversity and inclusion. We had over 300 people on the day that either sat down for lunch or took some take-away. This also helped to break down the barriers of anti-social behaviour as we saw the diverse communities come together to share a plate of food especially those that have been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. We also deliver bi-monthly community engagement activities that rotate from either the young people only or everyone within the communities. We have seen over 1000 people connect to foster positive connections.


We are delivering a weekly BAME dads programme that incorporates the local refugees. To date we have delivered 72 support and sessions to 180 dads within the BAME communities.

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